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1904 Photo
June 2011
Dear Mr Ellis,
I really enjoy seeing the pages you have set up on the web. My family has lived in the Pass for many years and had a business there until my father passed away in 1995.
I was an Adams of the Adams' Loraine Flower Shops. My father was D Howard Adams and his mother was Lena Loraine Robinson.
The 1904 school picture shows her #15 listed as Loraine Adams, but that was not her maiden name. She was Lena Loraine Robinson, second daughter of W D Robinson. She later married William Fincher Adams (#80 in the picture) after they graduated. There are several relatives of mine in the picture and I would love to see a larger picture if that was possible.
#16 should be Lena Boyer who was my grandmother's first cousin.
#68 Winnie Robinson was also my grandmother's first cousin..
My grandmother's sisters Edith and Merle are also seen in the photo as are some of the Adams family - Fred, Evelyn and possibly John may be the unidentified boy at #5, but I am not sure. Hazel Adams is unknown to us and is not from our Adams line and Bidwell Adam is not related either. My grandfather's father immigrated from Cornwall, England and had no relatives here.
Thanks so much for the web site,
Rebecca Adams Smith

1. Hugh Lassabe   
2. Bill Woods
3. Durwood Erminger
4. Talmadge Saucier
6. Ernest Bohn
7. Albert Andresen
8. Fred Adams
9. Hazel Auchmedty
10. Annie Colby
11. Horace Smith
14. Selma Courtenay
15. Loraine Adams
16. Gena Boyee
17. Evelyn Adams
18. Mary DeMetz
19. Margaurite Capers
20. Bill McDonald
21. Laura Henderson
22. Sam White
25. Willie Woodcock
26. Louise Andresen
27. Dorothy White
28. Flora Auchmedty
29. Aline Lizana
30. Enid Boyer
31. Maida Lizana
32. Josephine Amiel
33. Ella Smith
34. Merle Robinson
35. Annie Andresen
36. Florence Henderson
37. Hazel Adams
38. Rita McDonald
39. Ruth McDonald
40. Sybil Tarlton
41. Rose McDonald
42. Naomi Saucier

43. Amy Thorton
44. Leta Terrell
45. Floran Lizana
46. Bryan Bohn
47. Donald DeMetz
48. Louise Patenotte
49. Carlie McDonald
50. Adolph DeMetz
51. Leni Sprinkle
52. Elsie Courtenay
53. Ella Mae Capers
54. Ruby Boyer
55. Alexander McDonald
56. Edith Robinson
57. Evelyn Amiel
58. Elenore Patenotte
59. Jennie Terrell
60. Carmine Tarleton
62. Bill Boyer
63. Alma Patenotte
64. Victor Lizana
65. Charles DeMetz
66. Roddy Capers
67. Van John White
68. Winnie Robinson
69. Ray Mackin
70. Bidwell Adam
71. Julius Hayden
72. Herbert Hanson
73. Dayton Robinson
74. Maxie Andresen
76. Louis Martin
77. Ferdinand Lizana
78. Johnny Call
80. Willie Adams
81. Charlie Smith
82. Carter(Professor)
83. Lamar Saucier

The Pass Christian School building was located at Second and Clark streets.

The above building was evidently raised and a wing added as it seems by examining the below picture taken in 1895.

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